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Videogame (Unity)
with Tatiana Álvarez and Juan Sebastián Sanabria

"Cronopio" is a videogame that focuses on the slowed-down experience of moments, instants that become an eternity for their detailed exploration and appreciation of all the elements that compose them, outside the dictatorship of the clock. Based on a division into 6 levels corresponding to 6 periods of the day (dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, dusk and night), the player is offered a concept of time as a place to inhabit. It is not a question of fulfilling missions or winning, of running in search of a goal, but of stopping and appreciating the possibilities that lie in the minutes when we begin to feel them instead of passing them by.

The videogame takes its name from the creatures created by Julio Cortázar, the Cronopios, those peculiar beings who know how to see the world from a genuine perspective, far from the standardised and the normative, understanding life in a unique way.

"Cronopio" is committed to error as a way of illuminating the world, proposing a dynamic of collisions in which every stumble is a new discovery, but also a deviation from the established path. In contrast to a world based on the dynamic of running to somewhere, here the path is presented as a place to stay, not aiming at the ends but at the means, not longing for the result but for the process.